Persiapan UNBK bahasa Inggris SMP Tryout 1 tahun 2019 - MOTIVASI INSPIRASI EDUKASI (MIE) INDONESIA

Persiapan UNBK bahasa Inggris SMP Tryout 1 tahun 2019

Soal Tryout 1 SMP tahun 2019 Pada kesempatan ini penulis akan mempersembahkan "Persiapan UNBK bahasa Inggris SMP Tryout 1 tahun 2019" yang terdiri dari 50 soal dengan limit waktu 120 menit sesuai standard waktu ujian UNBK, dimana untuk teks soalnya menggunakan warna berbedasedangkan option A, B, C, dan D memakai warna standard (hitam) sehingga lebih memudahkan pelajar untuk membacanya.

The following text is for question 1.
Please beware of the strong tides.
1.Where can we read such warning?
A, At a beach
B. In a swamp
C. At a lakeside
D. In a water park

The following text is for questions 2 and 3
To : Salsa

Finally, you did It.
You have excelled in your studies at Junior High School and now have been accepted by the best Senior High School in your city. Your achievement proves that you're the best. Keep the good work!


2. From the text we know that...
A. Salsa is the best student in her city.
B. Nanda asks Salsa to enroll at her Senior High School
C. Salsa did not pass the examination
D. Salsa will study at the best Senior High School in the city

3. "Your achievement proves that you;re the best". The underlined word means.....
A. development
B. assessments
C. success
D. process

The following text is for questions 4 to 6
5th February 2012

Dear Sherly,

      How are you? It has been a long time since we met. I hope you are all right.
      Well, I spent my holiday In Jakarta last month. I went there with with my family by plane, to visit my grandparents. I felt so excited because I missed them so much. We stayed in Jakarta for five days.
      We spent most of time gathering and sharing many things. We also visited a few tourist resorts in Jakarta. One of them was the National Monument, the icon of Jakarta. It is located in Central Jakarta. I could see the scenery of Jakarta city from the observation deck, located at the top of the monument. I also enriched my knowledge about Indonesian history, by observing the dioramas.
      I had a wonderful time in Jakarta. That's all for now. I look forward to your reply soon.


4. The letter generally talks about...
A. Jakarta
B. Listia's family
C. National Monument
D. spending a holiday

5. What did Listia see from the top of National Monument?
A.The scenery of Jakarta city.
B. The Icon of Jakarta
C. An observation deck
D. Dioramas

6. What;s the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. The writer's visit to her grandparents' house
B. The writer's trip to National Monument
C. The beautiful scenery of Jakarta
D. A tourism resort in Jakarta

The following text is for questions 7 and 8
Dear Ayu,

      How are you? Here is information you need. The examination will be held soon, starting 2nd June. Calculator and dictionary are not allowed. Arriving late will not be tolerated. The first day will be Indonesian, English the second, Maths the third, and Science the fourth. Don't forget to bring your examination card,. See you soon. Take care.


7. Based on the text, what's prohibited during the examination?
A. To be punctual
B, To buy a calculator
C. To bring an examination card
D. To use a dictionary in class

8. From the text we can say....
A. Ayu does not need any information
B. Ayu should study English for the first day of the examination
C. ten minutes late is still tolerated
D. a dictionary is prohibited during the examination.

 The following text is for question 9 and 10
NatraBurstTM is a powerful food source containing a wide variety of premium ingredients, which work together to provide a variety of health benefits. Each service content the equivalent of more then 6 vegetables and fruits, with ORAC value of 4000. Additionally, NatraBurstTM helps support lean muscle mass with the concentration of high quality protein.
* Increase energy
* Reduce appetite
* Promote fat loss
* Anti-aging
* Promote healthy skin

9. What's the benefit of consuming NatraBurstTM?
A. Increase appetite
B. Decrease energy
C. Promote fat loss
D. Promote healthy hair

10. The purpose of text is.........
A. to warn the reader of the dangers of the product.
B. to describe the composition of the product
C. to persuade people to consume the product.
D. to tell the reader how to use the product

The following text is questions 11 to 13
      Based on the approval letter from the Governor of Bank of Indonesia no. 13/108/KEP.GBI/2011 on 29th December 2011, we are pleased to announce that effective from 12th January 2012.

PT Saphire Bank had changed its name to P.T Bank Diamond Indonesia
      The name change reflects the shareholding increase of Saphire Group Limited from 85% to 99% in P.T Bank Diamond Indonesia, as well as our strong and continuing support for Indonesia's economic growth.

Jakarta, 12th January 2012

Board of Directors
PT Bank Diamond Indonesia

11. Why did the bank change its name? Because.....
A. they are committed to support Indonesian economic growth
B. there are increases in shareholding
C. the governor of Bank of Indonesia requested it
D. they already announced it to the public

12. "The name change reflects the shareholding increase......". The underlined word is closest in meaning to....
A. requests
B. shows
C. makes
D. improves

13. The text above is about.....
A. Bank of Indonesia closing a certain bank
B. a change of a bank ownership
C. a name change of a bank
D. an announcement of a bank bankruptcy

The following text is for questions 14 and 15
Celebrate the New Year
Thursday, 32st December
7 p.m until midnight
Cocktails + snacks
At Malt + Kendra's
1344 West Lane
Bozeman, MT

RSVP (406)-555-1355

14, Where is the party held?
A. At 31st West Lane
B. At Malt and Kendra's house
C. At Malt's restaurant
D. At 1344 Bozeman Lane

15. From the text we can conclude that....
A. the party will be held in the morning
B. Malt and Kendra will celebrate New Year's Eve
C. you are expected to bring your own meals to the party
D. if you can't attend the party, you don't have to contact anybody

The following schedule is for questions 16 and 17
National Examination Schedule
for Junior High School Students
Academic Year 2011/2012

No    Subject                                      Date                                              Time Allotment
1       Bahasa Indonesia                      Monday/23rd April 2012               120 minutes
2.      English                                      Tuesday/24th April 2012               120 minutes
3.      Maths                                        Wednesday/25th April 2012          120 minutes
4.      Science                                      Thursday, 26th April 2012             120 minutes

16. Which statement is TRUE based on the text?
A. The students should study Maths for the second day of the examination
B. The test for the each subject lasted for one and a half hours
C. The schedule was valid for academic year 2011/2012
D. The English examination was held on Thursday

17.According to the schedule, the Maths exam was earlier than....
A. Bahasa Indonesia and English
B. Bahasa Indonesia
C. English
D. Science

The following text is for questions 18 to 20
How to Treat Spider Bites
If a spider bites you, you should :
1. clean and wash the wound immediately with soap and water and disinfect it with an antiseptic.
2. apply an ice pack to slow the absorption of venom.
3. moisten the wound with water.
4. rub the wound with aspirin powder to neutralize the poison.
5. avoid the fourth step if you are allergic to aspirin.

18. Why do we apply an ice pack to the wound?
A. To slow the absorption of the venom.
B. To clean the venom from the wound
C. To moisten the bite wound
D. To neutralize the poison

19. From the text, we understand that......
A. an ice pack can slow the absorption of the water
B. spider bites should be treated immediately
C. antiseptic can neutralize the poison
D. aspirin is neutral for everyone

20. "........... and disinfect it with an antiseptic."
The word "it" refers to .....
A. soap
B. water
C. venom
D. wound

The following text is for questions 21 to 23
      I live in a village called Amed in Bali, about  a two-hour drive from Kuta. It is a beach village and one of the best places for scuba diving in Bali.  To reach my village takes a lot of energy, because it is an exhausting trip. The road is bendy and there are many ups and downs too. However, as soon as you arrive in Amed, your efforts will be rewarded, with the beauty of my village.
      Unlike other places in Bali,  Amed is calm and peaceful place. The bay is sandy and the rocks appear to be in line with the traditional fishing boats, or jukung. From the top of the hill, people can enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are no factories or industries in Amed, so the water and the soil in my village are still clean and unpolluted, which is needed to produce salt, by the villagers.

21. What makes Amed different from the other places in Bali?
A. Amed is a place for scuba diving
B. It takes a lot of energy to get there
C. Amed is a calm and peaceful place
D. Amed has many star-rated hotels

22. Where can people enjoy beautiful scenery in Amed?
A. From the top of the hill
B. From the top of a factory
C. From the beach of the village
D. From the roads of the village

23. ".......... because it is an exhausting trip." (Paragraph 1)
The underlined word i meaning......
A. tiring
B. exciting
C. confusing
D. unchallenging

The following text is for questions 24 to 26
      Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple compound in Central Java, Indonesia. Located approximately 18 km east of Yogyakarta, the temple is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the largest Hindu temples in south-east Asia.
      It was built around 850 by either Rakai Pikanan, king of the second Mataram dynasty, or Balitung Maha Sambu, during the Sanjaya Dynasty. Not longer after its construction, the temple was abandoned and began to deteriorate. Reconstruction of the compound began in 1928. The main building was completed in 1953.
     The temple was damaged during an earthquake i Java in 2006. Early photos suggest that although the complex appears to be structurally intact, damage is significant. The temple was closed to the public until the extend was fully assessed. However, a few weeks later in 2006 the site re-opened to visitors. The immediate surrounding of the Hindu temple remain off-limits for safety reasons.

24. "It was built around....." (Paragraph 2). The word "it" refers to ...
A. stones
C. Foundation Walls
D. Prambanan Temple

25. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. The Prambanan temple's history
B. The temple was damaged during an earthquake
C. Reconstruction of the compound of the temple
D. The temple was closed to the public

26. What does the text tell us about?
A, Rakai Pikatan,  King of Mataram dynasty
B. Prambanan, the largest Hindu temple
C. UNESCO world heritage site
D. Balitung Maha Sambu

The following text is for questions 27 to 29
      It was the beginning of July, my parents and I were in a plane heading home from our vacation.
      A crew member announced that we were going  to land in a few minutes. While listening to the announcement, I was looking out the window and noticed how dark the sky was. It was raining heavily and lightning flashed everywhere.
      Suddenly, I felt the plane become bumpy. The impact was low at the beginning, but gradually worsened. Everything shook terribly. People started to scream in fear. I held my parents' hands. I heard dad praying while mum tried to soothe me.
      Fortunately, our plane landed safely at the airport in the extreme weather, I thank God for saving us.

27.What was the writer's mother doing during the turbulence?
A. She was holding her husband's hand
B. She was calming the writer down
C. She was praying for help
D. She was crying in fear

28. The turbulence was caused by ...
A. the bad weather
B. the size of the plane
C. the height of the flight
D. the damage on one of its engines

29. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A The writer noticed that it was raining heavily with lightning
B. The writer was enjoying the announcement made by the crew member
C. A crew member announced that they were going to land soon
D. The lightning outside scared the writer

The following text is for questions 30 to 32
      I took my sister, Katy on her the first flight last month. When we arrived at the airport, she wanted to know why the official weighed the luggage. The she wondered why she needed a passport. She didn't understand the reasons for the security check. Then she asked who the flight attendant was. When we saw the plane, she couldn't understand what the captain did and where he sat. So many questions! I was very pleased when we landed.

30. ".......... what the captain did and where he sat."
The word "he" refers to ...
A. the official
B. the security
C. the flight attendant
D. the captain

31. After the airplane landed.......
A. the writer was very pleased
B. the writer's sister weighed the luggage
C. the writer's sister asked about the flight attendant
D. the writer needed a passport

32. What does the text tell us about?
A. Katy and her sister's hobby
B. Katy's first flight
C. The activity at the airport
D. The flight attendant's job

The following text is for questions 33 to 35
A Story from the Farm Yard

      Two roosters were fighting fiercely to be the king of the farm yard. One finally gained advantage and the other surrendered.
      The losing rooster slunk away and hid itself in a quiet corned. The winner flew up to a high wall, flapped its wings and crowed its victory, as loud as it could.
      Suddenly an eagles came sailing through the air and carried it off, with its talons. The loosing rooster immediately came out of its corner and ruled the farm yard from then on

33. From the text we know that....
A. only one rooster can rule the roost
B. the roosters are fighting to flap their wings
C. the eagle had watched them all day
D. the farm needs a new king

34. What is the main idea of paragraph 3?
A. An eagle  watching the rooster from a distance
B. The loosing rooster came out from its hiding place
C. The eagle look the winning rooster as its prey
D. The winning rooster celebrated its victory proudly

35. What can we learn from the story?
A There's always a bigger enemy in his life
B. Your friend can be your enemy
C. Always grab an opportunity before you
D. Don't be cocky when we have achieved our goal

The following text is for questions 36 to 38
      An ant nimbly running in search of food came across a chrysalis that was close to its time of change. The chrysalis moved and this attracted the attention of the ant, who for the first time realized that it was a living thing. "Poor, pitiable animal" cried the ant disdainfully, "what a sad fate yours is! While I can run around at my pleasure, you lie imprisoned in your shell." The chrysalis heard all this, but did not respond.
      After a few days, when the ant passed the same way, nothing but the shell remained. Wondering what had happened to its content, the ant felt itself suddenly shaded and fanned by gorgeous wings of beautiful butterfly. "Behold in me," said the butterfly, "your much pitied friend!" So the butterfly rose in the air and was lost in the summer breeze.

36. What happened to the chrysalis after few days?
A. The chrysalis had left the shell
B. The chrysalis had become a butterfly
C. The ant felt sad about chrysalis death
D. The ant felt happy for the butterfly

37.What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
A. Chrysalis is an animal
B. The chrysalis lay imprisoned
C. The ant was feeling sorry for the chrysalis
D. The ant went around to have fun

38. The text generally tells us about......
A. the adventure of an ant
B. the ant and the chrysalis
C. the change of chrysalis
D. the ant's regret

The following text is for questions 39 to 42
       Penguins are fascinating flightless birds. They have wings that are more like flippers. The wings of penguins are too small and stumpy to fly with, but they can swim and dive incredibly well. They use their flippers to glide through water and their webbed feet to change direction.
       Penguins have stout bodies covered in black-and-white fur and short legs. However, they can walk at a fast pace, at about 6 kilometers an hour, the same speed as humans walk. They can even climb and jump onto rocks by hauling themselves up using their strong bills and sharp claws.
      Most penguins live in the Shoutern Hemisphere, such as the Antartic, but some live in warm places, such as South America and New Zealand.

39. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To describe a penguin in general
B. To explain what penguins do
C. To entertain the readers
D; To relate an experience

40. Which statement is NOT TRUE about penguins base on the text?
A. Penguins have sharp claws and webbed feed
B. Penguins can walk as fast as humans
C. Most penguins live in cold places
D. Penguins can fly and swim

41. What part of penguin's body is used to move through water?
A. Bills
B. Claws
C. Flippers
D. Fur

42. "The wings of penguins are too small and stumpy to fly with, ....." (Paragraph 1)
The word "stumpy" means......
A/ soft
B. short
C. harsh
D. heavy

The following text is for questions 39 to 42
      One of the my most memorable trips was a tour .......(43) a Portuguese graveyard. The tour was ....(44) by the caretaker. Wealthy .....(45) had marble mausoleums while poor families had to rent a plot for 10 years.

43. ....
A. to
B. for
C. from
D. into

44. ......
A. guide
B. guides
C. guided
D. guiding

45. ......
A. friends
B. workers
C. relatives
D. families

For questions 46 to 48, choose the correct words to complete the text
      Omelet is an easy dish to make. First of all, prepare the ......(46) They are eggs, finely chopped onions, chopped chilies and tomato or other vegetables, salt to taste and oil ......(47) the ingredients are ready, beat the eggs and add chopped onion, chilies, tomato and salt until they are well mixed.
......(48) oil in a frying pan and add the mixture. Fry over low heat and lift and turn it over when it's already light brown and firm. Enjoy your omelet.

46. ......
A. equipment
B. ingredients
C. dishes
D. flavour

47. ......
A. When
B. While
C. After
D. Before

48. ......
A. Heat
B. Heats
C. Heating
D. To heat

49. Arrange the following words to form a meaningful sentence,
was-began-it-when-walking-to rain-I-home
  1        2     3     4           5            6      7     8
A. 7-1-5-4-6-3-2-8
B. 7-1-5-8-4-3-2-6
C. 7-1-5-3-2-6-4-8
D. 7-1-5-4-3-8-2-6

50. Arrange the following sentences to form a meaningful paragraph.
(1) Thirty people died, all of them were British.
(2) There were only four survivors, who managed to get out through a broken window.
(3) There was a terrible accident on the motorway, near Gondollo last night
(4) Luckily, the motorway was quiet and no other vehicle was involved in the crash
(5) The coach was owned by Gladway Tours London
(6) And the driver was in hurry
(7) A coach overturned and caught fire
(8) The coach left London two hours late

A. 3-7-1-5-4-2-6-8
B. 3-7-1-5-2-4-8-6
C. 3-7-5-2-1-6-8-4
D. 3-7-5-8-6-4-2-1

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